GRG Firewood



Split Firewood

GRG Firewood sell split firewood all year round. Split firewood is sized to fit all standard wood heaters, open fires or outdoor fire places.



Blocked Firewood

An economical way to buy your firewood, GRG offer blocked firewood suitable for open or outdoor fires, or split as required.


Unscreened Sawdust

High quality redgum sawdust is available for purchase. Redgum sawdust has been well proven as an economical solution for muddy driveways, lane ways and access areas. Sawdust is absorbent, compacts well and is environmentally friendly. Sawdust is an economical and sustainable solution for your mulch and ground cover needs.

Wood Waste

A by-product of redgum firewood production is the dirt and bark wood waste that is successfully used for access areas and ground covers.